Lumenzia v6 and new Exposure Blending Master Course

New from Greg Benze and Greg Benze Photography

Exposure Blending Master Course
The #1 challenge I heard from photographers about luminosity masks is how to use them to blend multiple exposures or otherwise extracting maximum detail and color from RAW files. I’ve created a comprehensive course to help you tackle those challenges, the Exposure Blending Master Course.

My focus is on launching Lumenzia v6, so I’ll share much more about this incredible new blending course starting Tuesday. But you can get a jump start if you want on the course page to learn more and purchase. And for a limited time only, you can get the course for 25% off via the website above by using the discount code BLEND25.

Lumenzia v6
Lumenzia has advanced rapidly over the past few years. The goals with Lumenzia v6 are more evolutionary than revolutionary. This is the largest update ever, with over 130 new features, updates, and bug fixes. Yet changes to the interface are extremely minimal, so as to avoid disrupting your workflow and allowing you to benefit immediately. In short, your Lumenzia experience is improving, without having to think about it or learn new techniques.

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