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Abstractions by Ellen Fisch

Abstract Photography by Ellen Fisch

Throughout my life I have engaged in the visual aspects of communication.  As a child, I was given a Brownie Camera and I then decided that I could express my feelings about what I saw to others by using the medium of photography.  Recently, abstract photography enables me to encourage a dialogue about impressions rather than realism.

Using form, shape, composition, line and values, the abstract photography I create inspires the imagination to explore each image.  I have fashioned Folios of unified (by color, such as blues and blacks or topic, such as tints and metallics) abstractions and used words to bring an additional allure to the books.  All of the abstracts are unique and separate entities; however, when combined in a Folio, each one becomes threaded into a theme with its companions.  Currently, some of my Abstract Photography Folios are available at   Other Folios will continue to be uploaded.

Ellen Fisch


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