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Online Solo Exhibition by Ellen Fisch – provided by Exhibitions Without Walls

Abstract photography enables me to encourage a dialogue about impressions rather than realism.

It is no secret that social media has changed the way we market our work, in a major way. For many people, a video on social media has begun to rival the homepage of their website.  It is a way to check out first if you have any new prints or have you published any new content that could be of interests.  It is a way of initially sharing with gallery owners your work when asking for representation in their gallery.  It is an inexpensive way to start leveling the playing field with those photographers and digital artists that have more recognition.

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Nature is a source all artists can draw from. An artistic viewpoint can really put perspective on the nature that surrounds us. Sources of inspiration can come from sunset and sunrises, landscapes, water falls, flowers, animals in the wild, birds, etc.  Consider submitting your photography and digital artwork to be included in this competition and group exhibition.  Submissions deadline is March 31, 2019., The fee to enter is 3 Photos: $25, 4 Photos: $30, 5 Photos: $35.

Best in show receives $200 and a copy of their very own Digital Media Magazine. 2nd Place receives $75, and 3rd place receives $25.  Five (5) to seven (7) individuals will receive honorable mentions.

Capture the beauty of life and submit your fresh take on the world now. What are you waiting for?


Submission Dates 

Submission opens January 7, 2019

Submission deadline March 31, 2019

Finalist notified by April 2, 2019

Juror review of the final round will be completed by April 9, 2019

Individuals will be contacted by April 12, 2019

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By Rob Browning, digital specialist, specialist in SEO Optimization and digital marketing strategist

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is a technique which has shown impactful benefits in the industry of art, designing and photography. Although SEO is something whose mileage depends widely on your niche, there are still some useful ways in which you can increase the reach of organic traffic to your online website or storefront. However, the questions remain – How to get help from SEO for your art, photography or designing website? Or what kind of SEO strategy can work the best for you?

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EWW: I am curious to know what qualities of your work would others comment on first?

Tom:  I tend to get a lot of comments about the lighting I use.  As with all photography, the lighting either makes or breaks the image and I use light to focus the viewer’s attention to what I consider to be important aspects of an image.

EWW: What qualities of your work would you comment on first?

Tom:  The play between light and dark.  Most of my images tend to be a little darker overall and that allows me to enhance the contrast between light and dark.  I feel it adds a little more interest to the image.

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I go to great lengths to deliver images that people can get lost in and I would say what is most often commented on is the vivid colors and the detail in my images.

I also get a lot of “WOW’s” and congratulations and I even had one of my fans refer to me as the Ansel Adams of color, which I’m absolutely grateful for.

EWW:  The flip side of that would be your initial thoughts about your own work.

Az: I respect my work and I love that a lot of other people appreciate my art so that I can continue doing what I do.

In an average shoot, I will have a full gamut of images from what I think are some absolute rippers right through to snapshots and test shots. Shooting this way helps me improve and keeps me grounded at the same time.

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EWW: I am curious to know what qualities of your work would others comment on first?

Ryan:   The quantity of works in my portfolio would be the most obvious thing people notice when first perusing my work. I’ve got a razor-sharp focus which is a positive and negative, usually equating to a 7-day waking work week, while the dishes pile and lawn unkemptly photosynthesizes. Thank goodness for the local wallaby lawnmowers, otherwise, my house would be lost to the grass.

EWW: What qualities of your work would you comment on first?

Ryan:   My work is a little quirky, I think my odd personality seeps into it aesthetically. I’ve never really had any artistic idols, so haven’t had any background influences guiding my style, I just tend to go in whatever direction feels right. My editing style (as with my choice in subjects) change from season to season, so this adds to the overall randomness quirk.


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