The theme for this new competition and exhibition is “EMOTIONS.”  Emotions can be defined as strong feelings toward or triggered by a specific object, situation or activity. Emotions are sensed by chemical changes in the body.

Acceptable submissions can be:

showing people in various situations


Nature reflecting pleasant or unpleasant emotions

urban settings reflecting positive or negative emotions

reflecting emotions through abstracts, the use of different colors, digitally manipulating objects or persons, etc.  The opportunities are endless.

Submission deadline July 15, 2018

Entry fee: $25 for two images; $30 for three images; and $35 for five images.  In addition, for those individuals submitting 5 images, they can celebrate with us our 6th anniversary by submitting another 2 images for no additional fee.

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Additional Information

All rights to an individual image or set of images submitted for this competition and exhibition are retained by the photographer or digital artist.  Use of an image may only be used after expressed written permission.  To make a request, send the request to ewedman@exhibitions.com.  It will then be forward to the photographer or digital artist for permission.  Exhibition Without Walls, however, is granted the usage to use any or all images accepted into the final round of competition for promotional purposes, at no remuneration to the photographers or digital artists.  This usage is granted for a period of nine (9) months.

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