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Interview with Just MagD

The world is my biggest inspiration. Nature is art. Cities and human creation can also be very inspiring. The graphic patterns of some buildings, houses, or streets make for an interesting design. colors, contrasts, life, its all before our eyes, it’s just a matter of interpretation, culture, and background. What amazes me most is how humans and nature mix, or don’t mix at all.  It also intrigues me how humans relate to each other.  Humans are constantly changing, affecting what is around them; adapting to nature, damaging it, when all that matters is respect.  For my personal work, which stems from these ideas, I’m mostly inspired by all the fairy tales my mom read to me when I was a kid, but always with that grown-up touch mixed with what is happening in the world.

 EWW: Besides the different Gallery Subjects, are there any themes that consistently occur in your work such as style, color, perspective, lighting movement, etc.?

JustMagD: Most of my portfolio consists of travels, landscapes & street photos. It is all in color.  The world is so colorful it’s difficult for me to shoot in black and white. I like to include irony in my street photos, usually doing so with a good composition. I think the composition is one important aspect of photography, and color can affect it a lot. Recently I have been in a cold climate, so my photos are white and blue and cold 😉

For my personal work, I love to use different photo collages and mixed media. There is usually a human presence, either clearly visible or just suggested.  Most of these projects question humanity, body and soul, feelings, and stage of life.


EWW:  What comments would others make about your work?  Is that consistent with what you would say about your work?

 JustMagD:  That’s a hard question.  I have had good comments about my photos taken in Alaska, especially because most of my audience is from France and not very used to that kind of life. Through my work, I hope to share the wilderness awe I discovered while I was there.

I have heard people say that my photo series “Rest in Pieces” was a bit “dark”.  This is what I would call “a touch of dystopia”.  Also, when they saw the art book I made of it, they said it was very poetic.  That’s a good mix for me, “dystopian poetry”.

EWW:  Your portfolio includes many galleries.  Is there one gallery in particularly you like to work with or have enjoyed working on?  Why?

JustMagD: I love shooting in Alaska, everything is so quiet there and so white.   There is a natural light reflection making everything look so soft. Going out is always an adventure.  You never really know what you’re going to see, if animals are going to be around, or if the Northern Lights will show up.  At the end, the magic surrounds you and makes you enjoy every second of the trip.  No matter how many good photos you took the moment was full of wonder.

EWW: Do you use social media platforms to generate exposure and the marketing of your work?  If yes, which social media platform(s) do you find to be the most successful for you?

JustMagD:    I’m on linkedin, instagram, flickr, and facebook. It takes a lot of time and energy to be present on these.  It’s not like you post something and become famous in an instant. You must be regular with your timing when it comes to posting things, and you must “like” and “share” other people’s publications.  It is also important to exchange ideas and communicate with other artists, photographers, magazines, blogs, etc…. My favorite is Facebook. I like it because it’s so general and inspirational.  You get everything, and you can share anything you want; photos, videos, texts, articles, a mood, or a comment.  You can also get in touch with artists and bloggers, for me, it’s the easiest one.

EWW:  Just to wrap up this interview.  Do you have any final thoughts about you and your work, which you think would be important for others to know about?

JustMagD:    I have heard many times, “As a photographer, I should specialize in one direction and stick to it.” But I am an artist.  I am curious about everything, and love learning new things. It is always hard for me to choose when there is so much going on everywhere around me… I do what I love, and I love what I’m doing.

My website as a long-term project reflects this.  It is always changing and improving the viewer experience, as I want to share my vision of the world.  And my vision of the world we all live in comes from my travel experiences crossing other people’s lives, and the natural wonders rendered in more classical photos. Influenced by such, my inside deeper feelings concerning the human soul and body, flow out, represented by a more artsy look, along with collage and mixed media.
All my projects, even though they are totally different in style, are connected. My photos come from how I feel, and how I feel comes from what I have lived and experienced.
A good photo should move you. It will touch you for its beauty, composition, colors, angriness, sadness, fun, etc. or it won’t. It just all depends on who you are.

To finish up, I just want to say thank you to my boyfriend, parents, and brother who is always patient with me, and the best support I could ask for, I love you guys!


Website: http://www.justmagd.com/

Other sites or blog: http://www.facebook.com/JustMagd



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