Celebrating over 6 years of promoting photographers and digital artists


Exhibitions Without Walls has just passed a major milestone, with six years of operation. We’ve blown out the candles, and the cake tasted great – and now we want to thank YOU because YOUR SUPPORT has made it possible.



As I began to think about this further, there are many things that helped, but some of the major ones have been:

  • Holding competitions at least three times a year for 6 years
  • Quality of Jurors on our judging panel
  • Interviews with photographers and digital artists – in the last six years we have done interviews with over 125 photographers and digital artists
  • Instigated “Featured Artist”
  • Adding new activities to Exhibitions Without Walls – newest activity is formalizing the opportunity for an Online Solo Exhibition.
  • Attracting more and more subscribers to our site

There are other factors for our success,  but it all comes down to YOUR support.  Thank you, and we’ll see what we can do in the coming years together.

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