Minimalistic or Graphic Undertone – interview with Alan Brown

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Majestic Maple

Majestic Maple

Crossing Over

Crossing Over

Old Mill Waterfall

Old Mill Waterfall

Bingham Falls

Bingham Falls


EMOTIONS – new competition and group exhibition


Interview with Alan Brown

EWW: I am curious to know what qualities of your work would others comment on first?

Alan: That’s an interesting and thought-provoking question. Looking in from the outside I would think that others see my work as being bold and uncluttered.

I would hope that viewers find the work interesting and worthy of a second look.


EWW: What are your challenges in doing your work?

Alan: I am always on the lookout for compelling subject matter and try to find the beauty that may be overlooked in our day to day lives. Other than that, trying to capture subjects in the most optimal light and weather conditions is a constant battle.


EWW:  When doing a shoot, besides the weather, what are the challenges?

Alan: I view inclement weather as an opportunity rather than a challenge and try to select my shoots to best match the prevailing conditions or forecast. That said the long New England winters can limit the scope of work, but also provides unique shooting experiences. Other than that, it is always a challenge to find subject matter that fits the criteria of the types of images I want to capture.



EWW: You have several galleries such as street, minimalism, Beach and Sea, winter, long exposure, etc.  Do you have a favorite?

Alan: I have always been drawn to minimalistic work, and I think influences of that can be found throughout my galleries. Minimalism would have to be my favorite.

That said I do enjoy the challenges posed by different genres, whether it be the skill required to capture fleeting moments of a street shot or the technical aspects and vision required for long exposure work.


EWW: Excluding subject matter, are there themes that consistently run from one work to the other such as colors, perspective, lighting, movement, style, etc.?

Alan: I would have to say that the recurring theme for much of my work has a very clear focal point and perhaps a minimalistic or graphic undertone. This was never a plan but something I seem to have been drawn to organically.


EWW: Many of your images are black and white.  What are the deciding factors for you when choosing to do an image in color or black and white?

Alan: I have always been drawn to the rich work of the classic black and white photographers and find myself increasingly taking images with a plan to convert.

I find color can be an overpowering distraction in an image, drawing the eye from the intended composition. Once the veneer of color is removed, I think there is a greater emphasis on tone, texture, and composition – this provides the viewer a perspective that differs from what they see in their colorful everyday life.

My feeling is that if color cannot be managed to support a composition, I convert to black and white to see if that strengthens the image.





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