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SEO Tips To Showcase your artwork to a bigger audience

By Rob Browning, digital specialist, specialist in SEO Optimization and digital marketing strategist

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is a technique which has shown impactful benefits in the industry of art, designing and photography. Although SEO is something whose mileage depends widely on your niche, there are still some useful ways in which you can increase the reach of organic traffic to your online website or storefront. However, the questions remain – How to get help from SEO for your art, photography or designing website? Or what kind of SEO strategy can work the best for you?

Here are some quick SEO tips which can boost your sales via increasing organic traffic to your site:

Create unique Title Tags:

Upon the roadmap of a solid SEO strategy, Titles and Title tags come before anything else. To stand out from the crowd, your website should have a unique title. By unique, it means that the sentence structure of the title shall not be a duplicate of any other title found in Search Engine Result Pages. Whether you are writing the description of your art and design or just telling the stories behind your photographs, it is essential to give this content a proper, unique title which can quickly grab reader’s attention.


Write official and concise Meta Description:

Meta Tags and Meta description are two relevant and highly important aspects of a Solid SEO strategy. Meta descriptions are actually a snippet of texts shown below the titles on Search Engine results. Search engines like Google automatically take a piece from your content if the Meta description and tags are not specified. However, it is recommended to use concise and authentic Meta descriptions and Meta tags. Make sure you add focus keywords in the meta description as well.


Optimize images:

Images are the heart and soul of art, design and photography websites. Next to the content posted on your site are the images which hold decisive importance for your target audience. Pictures are how you can showcase your work to your website visitors, and their impact decides whether potential buyers will be converted into sales. Here is how you can optimize images for your art, photography or design website:

  • Use official photos.
  • Add high-resolution images
  • Avoid image crowding
  • Add ALT Text
  • Specify image filenames.


Rank for keywords:

Keywords are the backbone of SEO. Do your website a massive favor by researching relevant keywords for your artwork, design, and photography. Once you have shortlisted the keywords, it is time to add them on your site by a percentage of 5% of the total content posted. Low competition keywords will rank quickly but drive lower traffic whereas, high-competition keywords take time for ranking, but they drive greater traffic.

Bonus tips:

SEO without backlinking is like baking a cake without sugar. Backlinks and keywords go hand in hand to improve the ranking of your site in the long-run. To add value to your site, create strong backlinking with high traffic websites. Similarly, Guest-posts are also another effective way to enhance the SEO strategy of your website.


Start small, Stay consistent!

SEO is a matter of effort and patience, but its rewards are worth the hard work and wait. If you want to establish a stronghold of art, photography or design products/services in the online market, the tips mentioned above can be highly useful in achieving that. Have fun optimizing!



“By day I am a digital marketing strategist. I am a creative, performance-driven digital marketer recognized for strong content marketing and distribution. I am also known for innovative and creative thinking with hands-on experience in digital marketing campaigns, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), as well as marketing research and analysis. I am an excellent communicator with an engaging leadership style that has increased organizational performance and maximized marketing campaign results, profitability, and quality. Additionally, I establish and build positive relationships with clients, develop and maintain a strong growth orientated work environment for my team members.

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