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Joy Ride created by Jane Gottlieb

As a native of Los Angeles, I grew up having a love affair with the ever-present automobile. Cruising its streets, I captured images that reflect my idyllic vision of a long lost, but not forgotten, Los Angeles.

Older cars are like rolling sculptures to me.  They were created with so many interesting details, each big Auto company had product lines of very distinct designs. They painted the cars wonderful bright colors 

I was interested in cars when I was a kid! The first car I remember was my Mom’s 1954 Coral Color Chevy Convertible when I was around 8 years old.  My adorable first car when I was age 16 in 1962 was a 1954 turquoise & white Nash Metropolitan….bought it for $350.00!   

Cars have their own personalities! They evoke romantic memories of our whole lifetimes! They are symbols of freedom!  The first time one gets to drive off on their own is a momentous life event!

Intensifying the colors creates a magical world that reflects my lifetime of memorable Joy Rides in Los Angeles! 

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