Promoting Photographers & Digital Artists

Author: Ed Wedman

Dawn Gemme, Digital Art Stanfield, Arizona   USA

Sometimes, but thankfully not often, the challenge is staying inspired to continually create new artworks. Unlike drawing or painting by hand, a digital artist must rely on finding one photo or sometimes many photo components to fulfill the image in their mind’s eye.  When these components are elusive, the creative pool can become dry. When one idea is not coming to fruition, then I know that I must mentally and emotionally shift gears and devise a new concept for my next piece.

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Free promotional Opportunity

Fall is on our doorstep

Fall brings us a multitude of colors and shapes that create wondrous patterns of movement.  Exhibitions Without Walls has decided to focus on fall, a season of colors, shapes, and movement to help uplift the mood during these trying times. Only one photographic image can be submitted. Of the images submitted, 20 will be selected to be in a short video slideshow.  The slideshow will be posted on YouTube, Exhibitions Without Wall, and other social media outlets. The deadline for sharing an image with us is September 26, 2020. There is no submission fee for the image submitted. Submission Process 1. choose an image 2. The submitted Image shall be no more than 1200 pixels in height or width; dpi of 100 and labeled using:


3. Email subject line should be FALL PROMOTION 2020 4. send email with attached image to You are done!


EWW:  Several artists have some difficulty in discerning between photography and fine art photography.  What are your thoughts about the two types or is there really no distinction?

JORGE: For me Fine art photography is a work that was thought of, there was a special care in the creative process, from the conception, the shooting and post-production. It’s about an artist vision, a message, an emotion we want to transmit to the viewer.

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