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2020 has been a challenging year for many – quarantine, layoff, looking for a new job, and other challenges. Submissions have taken a backseat to other expenses.

Exhibitions Without Walls wants to show our continued mission of helping to promote photographers and digital artists regardless of submission fees. We are offering an exhibition opportunity with no submission fee.

The theme of this exhibition is “Bold & colorful.” Submission to this exhibition will be only one image (1) and no fee. Up to 30 of all submissions will be chosen to be a part of a video, which will be posted on YouTube and Facebook. Your name and title will be included in the video. There are just a few simple steps to make a submission,  

Theme: Bold & Colorful

Submission deadline: February 16, 2021

File format:  .jpg

file Labeling:  First name_Last name_titleofimage_Bold.jpg

send submissions to

questions should be directed to

Ed Wedman

As a native of Los Angeles, I grew up having a love affair with the ever-present automobile. Cruising its streets, I captured images that reflect my idyllic vision of a long lost, but not forgotten, Los Angeles.

Older cars are like rolling sculptures to me.  They were created with so many interesting details, each big Auto company had product lines of very distinct designs. They painted the cars wonderful bright colors 

I was interested in cars when I was a kid! The first car I remember was my Mom’s 1954 Coral Color Chevy Convertible when I was around 8 years old.  My adorable first car when I was age 16 in 1962 was a 1954 turquoise & white Nash Metropolitan….bought it for $350.00!   

Cars have their own personalities! They evoke romantic memories of our whole lifetimes! They are symbols of freedom!  The first time one gets to drive off on their own is a momentous life event!

Intensifying the colors creates a magical world that reflects my lifetime of memorable Joy Rides in Los Angeles! 

Fall Brings us a multitude of colors and shapes that create wondrous patterns of movement and color.  As a free promotional activity, Exhibitions Without Walls decided to focus on Fall, a season of colors, shapes, and movement to help uplift the moods during these trying times.

Photographers and digital artists, who chose to enter this activity, were asked to submit one image with no fees.  Twenty of the images were selected to be a part of this video. 

I have been expressing my joy of art with paint, shapes, and colors.

DREAM Scapes – My art speaks to a wonderful place where the aesthetic joy of color enriches my world. 

The “Joy Rides” are symbols of the freedom that made Los Angeles such a special place to grow up in 50 years ago. Intensifying the colors creates an unreal world that reflects a loss, but not forgotten Los Angeles.


Teri Leigh Teed, Fine Art Photographer, Sylva, North Carolina, USA

EWW: What do you think that people notice and comment on the most, when viewing your work?

Teri: The lighting in my photographs is usually what catches the attention of the viewer, along with the scene in Nature. I am a big fan of allowing the elements of the focal point to set the tone. There is no way to rush Mother Earth, so it is a lesson in watching the dynamics unfold. Art is about communicating with another’s heart. And that is what my focus is in each image. At some level, it is my intent to help the viewer find their own inner peace and help bring a remembrance of who they are.

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Victor: A lot of. Being an artist in my country is a great challenge) The cultural-historic context in Russia is very specific – in czar Russia most of people couldn’t read and lived very poorly, so art was available only for the aristocrats. Then, after the Revolution it was time for Marxism-Leninizm philosophy, which has its own look on art and artists. It was good time for propaganda and censorship. Besides, if you had no official job, you could be convinced of parasitism as a criminal. (This law lost its power only in 1991!) Till now huge part of Russian people lives in need: need of perspectives, good-payed jobs, competent medicine, humane laws and transparent, opened political life.

But on the opposite, and it’s a paradox, this climate is just perfect to make art. Permanent pressure, need and hunger are artists’ best friends) You always have a lot of conflicts, it’s just left to pick the right one. Only when it’s no conjuncture, when you aren’t payed, when your art is a therapy and a sculptor’s knife just for you, then finally you can say what you really want to say, and find the best «words» for it.

Now some words about artistic challenges. As I have said, it’s a therapy and attempt to solve the conflict. I try to do my art so, that it could make me better, and it’s not easy, because I prefer to dig deep to the darkest and dirtiest parts of my nature. And last, but not least – it’s pretty difficult to surprise yourself, to spread the borders without loosing your identity.

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EWW:  Several artists have some difficulty in discerning between photography and fine art photography.  What are your thoughts about the two types or is there really no distinction?

JORGE: For me Fine art photography is a work that was thought of, there was a special care in the creative process, from the conception, the shooting and post-production. It’s about an artist vision, a message, an emotion we want to transmit to the viewer.

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