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Interview with Craig Incardone

Interview with Craig

Craig Incardone, Photographer, Mission Viejo, CA – USA

EWW: You have several galleries such as Still Life, Tulips, floral, landscape, etc.  Do you have a favorite?  Why?

Craig:  I would have to say “Surfs Up” My surfing gallery. I love the motion and beauty of the riders carving thru the waves and shooting in great lighting conditions. I’ve found it more exciting than shooting Racing.



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EWW: Much of your work is done in HDR.  Why does this technique appeal to you so much?

Craig: I tend to do about 30% HDR anymore. Too much is just too much! Landscapes and Vintage scenes appeal to me more because it does take photography to a whole other level of fine art (Done right though). Some of my best work is HDR because it can look like a fine art painting.

EWW: We have heard on occasion that some photographers refer to themselves as photographers and others as creative photographers.  Is there a difference in your mind and what is that difference?

Craig: Wow, A photographer is a creative person from the get-go if they are truly a pro and not a digital hack, just because cameras are so easy to use anymore. I came from a strong film background and many years in the darkroom. I do consider myself a Fine Art Photographer, but we are all creative in what we do if you have a passion for it.

EWW: What challenges do you face when doing your art?

Craig: Ha ha!!!! Getting paid what we are worth! I have seen a great decline over the years with the saturation of so called photogs with their I phones and cheap gear that makes everyone feel like they can shoot as good as a seasoned pro. As much as I love the Digital World it’s been a grind owning high-end gear trying to survive in this business!


EWW: Excluding HDR, are there themes that consistently run in all your work such as colors, perspective, lighting, movement, style, etc.?

Craig: It all applies, I constantly strive to be better with all aspects of my work that contribute to a great image weather, it be lighting, composition, subject matter and the mood Of the shot

EWW:  Do you think it is important for photographic artists to have their own website, in addition to another gallery they appear on?  If so, why?

Craig: I think a website is a must have, several Fine Art Photogs I know use Instagram as well. The big league shooters either have their work in a physical gallery or own one. People are motivated to buy Fine Art if it’s in front of them in all its glory. Peter Lik is one of the greats and his works go for thousands. That’s where I’d like to be one day!

EWW:  What are your thoughts about using social media platforms to market and promote your art?  If you do use social media, which one(s) do you find to be the most effective for you?

Craig: I do, I use Facebook, a few online galleries, Fine Art America, Indiewalls, but never have I made good money doing these platforms, Again, if you can own or show your work in a physical gallery, that’s where you can thrive.


EWW:  Just to wrap up this interview, do you have any final thoughts about you and your work that you think would be important for others to know about?

Craig I really try to reinvent myself and my work constantly, leaving my comfort zone to spark creative juices in all types of venues. I’ll be shooting racing one day, then climbing a mountain to find a cave to shoot. Have to push yourself, for me It’s been visually rewarding time after time.



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