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“Consistently high quality images and discourse bring us back time-and-time again, providing inspiration and a heightened sense of visual aesthetics.”– Marcus Reinkensmeyer

Maggie Terlecki

Still As Life

created by Maggie Terlecki

Still Life photography opened my eyes to the beauty of mundane objects by allowing me to control composition, lighting and hence mood. I become a child that is playing; finding new ways to lead the eye to where I want it to go.

My images are always an exploration of how to show these simple every day objects in new ways. “The Gathering ” takes your boring Enoki mushrooms and creates a dramatic family ensemble. “Uplifted” flips our perspective by lifting up a skeleton leaf, showing its underside in a reflection.

Being able to control all the elements also allows me to be vulnerable and to show who I am as a person. I can use my images as metaphors such as in “Comfort” where the prickly globe thistles become mother and child. “Mourning Tulips” are an expression of my sadness at losing my older brother to illness. If I can hold your interest for a moment, my job is done; if I can touch your soul, then I can be truly happy.
I hope you enjoy this offering.

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