Return Updated Image

 I received an email this morning from the producer who is producing the video.   I apologize for the inconvenience but the image you sent to us for the competition was the image that I sent to the person producing the video.  Unfortunately, the dpi (96) of that image turned out to be pixelated when used in video production.  We need an updated image(s) from each of you to make the correction.  To make sure that you are updating the right image go to .
Instructions are provided for updating.  If you have problems sending the form, please send your image(s) to me directly, using the email address and the subject heading INSPIRED UPDATED IMAGE.
Again, I apologize for this inconvenience, but this has to be done in order to produce the quality that we think you deserve.


Please read the instructions below carefully.  I can not include your image in the video if they do not meet the requirements.  I need:

The image(s) MUST be sent to me no later than at Midnight on Monday.  

Image(s) resolution of 300 dpi (no more or less)

Image Label should be Title_inspiredNATURE.jpg -if it is not labeled correctly, the image will not be included in the video.

Jpg. only

Upload the image(s) into the form below.  If you have two images that were selected for either “top 3 Placements” or “Honorable Mention, there is a second upload field provided

It will not be sent to me without uploading one file.



© 2018, Exhibitions Without Walls.  All rights to an individual image or set of images submitted for this competition and exhibition are retained by the photographer or digital artist. No copy can be made without the express permission from the photographer or digital artist.  Contact address is 1907 NE 17th Place, Cape Coral, FL  33909  (239) 223-6824
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