Sales Opportunities – 2

ArtHit (Online Gallery) This site sells paintings, and ships globally. Create an artist page and upload your art images. They mark up the retail price by 15% plus shipping costs, which is their share of the sale. Non-artists can also sell paintings they own on this site.

Articents (Marketplace) Handmade and vintage items are sold here. This site has no listing fees or commissions, and only a $5.00 monthly fee. Make your own storefront, sell your handmade items here, and even include videos if you like. (Online GalleryPrint on Demand) This online platform lists original work by artists, taking 25% commission. They also provide print on demand services to sell product using your art images. Artists determine the markup on those products.

ArtistBe (Online GalleryPrint on Demand) Artists can upload images to create their own gallery page on this site, and sell original artwork (30% commission) or sell reproductions (15% royalty to artist.)

Artists&Clients (Commissions) Upload your images, describe the type of work you do and set prices. When commission requests come in, you negotiate final price and receive 85%.

ArtistsToWatch (Miscellaneous) This greeting card company accepts submissions from artists who would like to sell their work in this format. They accept new artists quarterly. To apply, email them with your info and images.

ArtLicensingInternational (To the Trade) This group represents more than 400 artists who wish to license their work. They are open to receiving submissions from artists, which is free to do. Inquire about their terms.

ArtLicensingShow (To the Trade) Interested in licensing your art to manufacturers? This is a meeting place where artists, agents and clients can meet, review portfolios, and is password-protected. Artist fees begin at $20 per month, paid annually. Juried.

ArtMuse (Online GalleryPrint on Demand) A curated collection of art in all mediums. Submit your work for consideration free. Original art can be listed at no charge; images for prints have a $15.00 listing fee. Art is sold at pre-set price points.

ArtsAdd (Print on Demand) Sell your paintings, illustrations and photography on products through this provider. No fees; just upload your images. You receive the difference between their base price and your selling price.

ArtShow (Referral Site)  This juried website promotes your work on their gallery pages, linking to your website where you make the sale. Cost to the artist is $40 per year. They will list original art and photography, not reproductions.

ArtSlant (Referral SiteWebsite Provider) This popular site promotes artists and displays their work. Free membership gets basic profile, standard membership is $55 per year. Or opt for a standalone artist website for $165 per year.

ArtSpan (Website Provider) Artists in any medium can build their own websites on ArtSpan, which boasts 4,000 member sites. Shopping carts and Print-on-Demand also available. Fees range from $6.60 to $24.90 per month.

ArtSpecifier (To the Trade) Specializing in selling art to architects, designers, art consultants and galleries, art specifier is a juried site. Annual membership for artists is $100, with no other fees or commissions involved.

Artsper (French site; Online Gallery) Calling themselves “a marketplace for the sale of contemporary art online” they feature works from emerging and established artists, presented as gallery pages. Shopping cart provided. Juried.

ArtsRow (Marketplace) Specializing in selling American made art and craft, this website serves up search results locally to help you make sales in your area. No charge to have a studio page or list art for sale. They keep 3% of sales.

ArtStorefronts (Website Provider) Explode Your Art Sales. Build an art store website in minutes at Get stunning design, state-of-the-art features, and first-class print fulfillment.  Sell your work on metal, acrylic, canvas, paper & more.

ArtUrbane (Miscellaneous) A social art + design online marketplace with an unprecedented technology platform that pairs select artists with qualified online art sales representatives that market the artists work to a multitude of art patron networks and members of creative non-profit organizations.

ArtWanted (Print on DemandWebsite Provider) Upload images of your art for sale on this site through memberships ranging from free to $5 per month, or for $10 per month get a standalone art website. Fulfill orders on your own, or use their print on demand services.


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