Promoting Photographers & Digital Artists

Tools for Marketing

Fiverr – offers a multitude of independent contractors that specialize in text writing, website traffic, logo design, SEO, social media, etc.



McKenna Hallett – We wholeheartedly recommend Mckenna Hallett for many reasons, but especially as a wordsmith. She writes from a marketing point of view and can create effective copywriting for a variety of publishing needs. She is a wizard with Artist Statements, FAQ’s, product descriptions, press releases, and much more. She also will work with you to energize your entire website. Learn more at

Print On Demand Books – Blurb

Adobe Exchange  one may have to purchase a creative cloud plan from photoshop

Bitly – Link Compressor

Website Review

Ellen Fisch – Curating sites / website review

McKenna Hallet   free 15 minute critique of website

Marketing & Promotion Consultation

              Carolyn EdLund, ArtsyShark

Domain Providers

WordPress – also offers website templates and plugins for

enhanced sites

Square Space

Inmotion Webhosting


Blue Host

Website Providers

Behance – Adobe

Square Space



Sitebuilder – Free Domain – Free Domain

weebly – Free Domain

Inmotion Webhosting


Network Solutions


FASO Artist Websites  FASO, “The Leading Provider of Professional Artist Websites”, is a favorite place for artists to easily create their own professional art website.

Guidedtheory  A fully-managed e-commerce solution for artists and galleries.

Dunked  Create an online art portfolio on this website, using their templates, and even keep your own domain name.

© 2018, Exhibitions Without Walls.  All rights to an individual image or set of images submitted for this competition and exhibition are retained by the photographer or digital artist. No copy can be made without the express permission from the photographer or digital artist.  Contact address is 1907 NE 17th Place, Cape Coral, FL  33909  (239) 223-6824
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