Do You Want An Inexpensive Way To Add Videos To Your Promotion & Marketing Activities?

A video is a great way to show your portfolio with selected images. Its impact can be far more than just simply reviewing different images and serves as an additional draw of interest in your overall promotional and marketing activities.

“What a wonderful way to present our images.”
– Marcus Reinkensmeyer

“These videos add a new format to showcasing your photography. With descriptive text popping up every few frames, combined with the addition of background music, it really brings the viewer into the specific world and atmosphere you wanted to create. It also adds a new platform to promote your work via YouTube, reaching a new viewer base, and giving you further coverage in today’s dense social media landscape.”
– David Lamb


Creative Photography Prints by Arthur Jacob

A video will range from 16-20 slides with one revision and the final video. Pricing for the production of a video is $50.

Payment can be made in two installments of $25 each. The first installment is due upon ordering. After you place an order and it is received, you will be sent via email a questionnaire to fill out about what style do you prefer and what style of audio you prefer. This questionnaire will also provide you with information about image preparation. The filled out questionnaire will need to be returned us via email,, before we can start.

When the video draft is finished you will receive a link to review and to ask for one set of revisions, if there are any. Requests for further revisions will be charged $20 per request.

The PayPal button below also offers an option to make the second payment. The final video will not be sent to you until the second payment is received.

installment payments

If you have any questions, please feel by using the contact form or by calling us at (239) 223-6824

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